Angie’s for Breakfast!

Yesterday morning at 8:30, I met Mike Stark for breakfast at Angie’s Kitchen. Mike is the search engine optimizer and web site designer responsible for my website/blog. My weblog is where I keep track of the news and happenings around Waterloo Region that affect our lives and property values. Mike is also a founding member of 365-kw. We go way back.

Mike chose Angie’s because it’s been in that very spot in uptown waterloo since 1962. If you’ve been around that long, you must be doing something right. I’d been there several times before and I’m sure Mike has too.

It’s a diner.

When I lived for a decade in Asia, one thing I missed was “diner food”. There’s nothing like a hot turkey sandwich, or a BLT with fries, a little dish of coleslaw. And there’s nothing like a diner breakfast.

Mike had the Canadian breakfast. I had the western omelet. Naturally, both came with hash browns and toast (and real homemade jam). One thing that was great is that they bring a thermos of coffee and put it right there on your table.

The service is fast and the atmosphere is rustic.

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